Value In Field

StringEdit.text(“Hello”); RealEdit.realValue(4.5); IntEdit.value(5); ComboBox.selection(2); Access combobox value combobox.selection(); Advertisements

Ship Check

A Boolean value that specifies whether it also verifies if the shipping date is an open date in the shipping…

Query Definition form

Google: ax query definition form Refer the following links:

Open a form and its child form through code

Args                    argsForm; FormRun             formRun; FormRun             subformRun; argsForm = new Args(formstr(SalesTable)); argsForm.record(SalesTable::find(“S0000548”)); formRun = classFactory.formRunClass(argsForm); formRun.init();; //Now open sub-form ((InventOnHandReserve)…

Only 1Checkbox should be checked

public boolean modified() { boolean ret; ZLG_CustMarket custMarket; ret = super(); if(Grid_DefaultPredicastMarketCode.value() == NoYes::Yes) { update_recordset custMarket setting DefaultPredicastMarketCode =…