Category Hierarchy of a Product


Today i am going to show how we can get the Category Hierarchy of a product using X++ code.It’s a handy code in various situations where we want to display the complete hierarchy of the a product.

Here is the code snippet,

ItemId                                itemId = “0036”;  // Laptop Backpack
EcoResProductCategory   EcoResProductCategory;
EcoResCategory               EcoResCategory,EcoResCategoryNext;
EcoResCategoryId            parentCategory;
List                                    li = new List(Types::String);
ListEnumerator                 enumer;

select * from EcoResCategory
join RecId from EcoResProductCategory
where EcoResCategory.RecId == EcoResProductCategory.Category
&& EcoResProductCategory.Product == InventTable::find(itemId).Product;

parentCategory = EcoResCategory.ParentCategory;

while (parentCategory)

select * from EcoResCategory
where EcoResCategory.RecId ==  parentCategory
&& EcoResCategory.ParentCategory != 0;  // skip the top node

parentCategory = EcoResCategory.ParentCategory;

enumer = li.getEnumerator();
while (enumer.moveNext())


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